John Anson Ford Park Project | City of Bell Gardens

The John Anson Ford Park Infiltration Project is located in the 12.5-acre recreational John Anson Ford Park within the City of Bell Gardens. The goals of the project are to improve water quality, increase water supply, and upgrade the recreational features of the park. The project involves construction of an underground system that will capture and treat 25.5 acre-feet of runoff and stormwater flows, and ultimately replenish the groundwater supply. The project also includes upgrades to the northern parking lot, baseball fields, and soccer field.

Project Area

Construction includes a diversion structure and infiltration systems with a capacity of 10 acre-feet. A water treatment facility will be installed underneath the northern parking lot to filter out trash and debris from the diverted runoff and flow into the infiltration system. Restoration efforts include a new paved parking lot, new turf, vegetation, lighting, conduit wiring, and signage.

Additional construction at the baseball fields and soccer field will expand the bottomless infiltration system, where the treated water will infiltrate the ground and replenish the groundwater supply. Restoration efforts will include new recreational and environmental features like turf, trees, landscaping, and utilities like irrigation, lighting, paving, and signage. All recreational facilities will be restored after construction. Construction completion is expected in April 2022.